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1041 Myrtle Street
East Palo Alto, CA 94303
Phone: (650)688-0850
Fax: (650)688-0859

Campus Map



From 101 Northbound

bulletTake Embarcadero Road Exit off 101.
bulletProceed East on Embarcadero.
bulletImmediately get into the left lane. Turn left at the first light onto East Bayshore Road which runs parallel to the 101.
bulletProceed to the second stop light (Pulgas Avenue).
bulletTurn right onto Pulgas Avenue and proceed about 1/2 mile.
bulletEastside School is on the left at the corner of Pulgas and Myrtle Street.
bulletTurn left onto Myrtle Street. Once on Myrtle, you will see the campus on your right.
bulletThe two-story building is Eastside’s Student Services/Administration building (1041 Myrtle Street).
bulletFeel free to park directly in front of the building, or in the parking lot at the back of the campus.

From 101 Southbound

bulletTake University Avenue exit off 101.
bulletTurn right at the end of the ramp onto University Avenue.
bulletAt the first stop light, turn right onto Donohoe Street.
bulletProceed through two stop lights.
bulletAt the third stop light, turn left to stay on Donohoe Street.
bulletAt the stop sign, turn left onto Clarke Avenue.
bulletTurn right onto Myrtle Street (Myrtle will be the first street on your right).
bulletEastside is half way down the block on the left side.
bulletThe two-story building is Eastside’s Student Services/Administration building (1041 Myrtle Street).
bulletFeel free to park directly in front of the building, or in the parking lot at the back of the campus.




Office Name Ext. Email
Admissions Karla Garcia 100 karlag@eastside.org
Comminications/Giving Ellen Lehman 144 ellenl@eastside.org
Alumni Services Eun-Mee Jeong 151 eun-meej@eastside.org

Faculty and Staff

Name Title Ext. Email
Stacy Arevalo Humanities Faculty stacya@eastside.org
Greg Avis Math Faculty grega@eastside.org
Nanaor Balabanian Humanities Faculty 141 nanorb@eastside.org
Carlos Baquero Spanish Faculty carlosb@eastside.org
Chris Bischof Principal 101 chrisb@eastside.org
Donovan Blythe Girls Basketball Coach donovanb@eastside.org
Dorothy Boakye-Donkor Resident Faculty dorothyb@eastside.org
Meredith Brandstetter Resident Faculty meredithb@eastside.org
Jorge Carillo Facilities 150 jorgec@eastside.org
Anne Carpenter IT Director 123 annec@eastside.org
Darren Chan Resident Faculty, Humanities Faculty darrenc@eastside.org
Holly Chenette Spanish Faculty 131 hollyc@eastside.org
Marianne Chowning-Dray Math Faculty 128 mariannec@eastside.org
Mayra Chavolla Math Faculty 127 mariannec@eastside.org
Amy Cummings Resident Faculty amyc@eastside.org
Amy Conners Drama Faculty 127 amylc@eastside.org
Heather Cooke Science Faculty heatherc@eastside.org
Tina Ehsanipour Middle School Reading Program 145 tinae@eastside.org
Dan Fenstermacher Art Faculty 130 danf@eastside.org
Linda Filo Art Faculty 142 lindaf@eastside.org
Leigh Nagy Frasher Career Coach 119 leighf@eastside.org
Carissa Garcia College Coach 108 carissag@eastside.org
Karla Garcia Office Manager 100 karlag@eastside.org
Maricela Garcia Weekend Residential Faculty maricelag@eastside.org
Marie Goerger Resident Faculty marieg@eastside.org
Juan Grau Math Faculty, Girls Soccer juang@eastside.org
Eun-mee Jeong Director of Alumni Services 151


Shaneka Julian Spanish Faculty 132 shanekaj@eastside.org
Ali Karver Fitness Coach alik@eastside.org
Jasmine Kelly-Pierce Middleschool Faculty 135 jasminek@eastside.org
Helen Kim Vice Principal 109 helenk@eastside.org
Marlo Kitch Math Faculty 148 marlok@eastside.org
Sarah Kreiner Humanities Faculty 129 sarahk@eastside.org
Helen Kwan College Coach 102 helenkw@eastside.org
Ellen Lehman Development Director 144 ellenl@eastside.org
Shannon Malone Resident Faculty shannonm@eastside.org
Heather Monty Development Comm. Coordinator 113 heatherm@eastside.org
Marlene Mullin Science Faculty 124 marlenem@eastside.org
Steve O'Brien Humanities Faculty steveo@eastside.org
Keli O'Merry Development 157 kelio@eastside.org
Andrew Nguyen Resident Faculty andrewn@eastside.org
Suney Park Middle School Faculty 134 suneyp@eastside.org
Hana Raftery Yoga Master hanar@eastside.org
Amy Reilly Humanities Faculty 139 amyr@eastside.org
Bob Reklis Math Faculty bobr@eastside.org
Heather Renfro Humanities Faculty heatherr@eastside.org
Flor Rogel Assistant to Principal and Vice Principal 104 florr@eastside.org
Jake Shoemaker Resident Faculty jakes@eastside.org
Josh Specht Resident Faculty joshws@eastside.org
Caroline Stirn Humanities Faculty 138 carolines@eastside.org
Anna Takahashi College Counseling Director 103 annat@eastside.org
Simo Taoufik Middle School P.E., Girls Volleyball 218 simot@eastside.org
Melanie Tomasello Finance Director 156 melaniet@eastside.org
Hai Tran Math Faculty 145 hait@eastside.org
Cal Trembath Humanities Faculty calt@eastside.org
Renee Trochet Math Faculty 126 reneet@eastside.org
Thinus Venter Resident Faculty thinusv@eastside.org
Jansen Verplank Development Coordinator, Music Faculty 111 jansenv@eastside.org
Shana White Food Service 107 shanaw@eastside.org
Meg Wilkins Development Assistant 115 megw@eastside.org
Judy Wong-Chen Student Services Coordinator 112 judyw@eastside.org
Craig Young Science Faculty 121 craigy@eastside.org
Isabelle Ziebold Science Faculty 154 isabellez@eastside.org