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community service


Community service is an integral part of an Eastside education. Our community service program provides a framework for our students to develop a lifelong commitment to others by giving back as well as strengthening their sense of responsibility and leadership and communication skills by collaborating with community members off-campus.

Students participate in community service during their time at Eastside, volunteering and writing reflections about their experiences at least four times per year for their first three years of high school. During their junior year, all students complete CARE (Community Action and Reflective Engagement) projects, which require them to take on longer community service commitments focused on a single organization and create deeper reflections that they present to other students.

Service activities include tutoring at our local elementary schools, volunteering at food banks, and acting as mentors to younger children.

During the school year, our student-led community service organization, Interact Club, coordinates several school-wide community service days each school year including the annual California Coastal Cleanup Day.

If you know of a community service event, project or program that might be a good fit for Eastside students, please contact:

Judy Wong-Chen
Student Services Coordinator
phone: (650) 688-0850 x112
email: judyw@eastside.org