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Eastside has a rich and expanding arts program. Our Center for the Arts is in continuous use throughout the school day, and includes a theater, dance studio, art studio, and a darkroom.


At Eastside we believe that participating in sports gives students a chance to enjoy the satisfaction that comes from feeling fit, the rewards of acquiring new skills, and the life lessons gained from being part of a close-knit team.


Eastside’s residential program was designed for students who can benefit from living on campus. For these students, the added structure and intensive academic support have had a significant impact.
outdoor education  

Outdoor Education

The Eastside Outdoor Education Program gives our students the opportunity to participate in outdoor educational adventures while also engaging in leadership and team-building activities that encourage personal growth and allow each class to form close bonds.
community service  

Community Service

Our community service program provides a framework for our students to develop a lifelong commitment to others by giving back as well as strengthening their sense of responsibility and leadership and communication skills by collaborating with community members off-campus.
summer session  

Summer Session

Each summer on campus we offer a mix of courses in the arts, humanities and sciences, allowing students to expand on a particular interest, fulfill a requirement or simply try something new. All Eastside students are required to take part in a course or program each summer.



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