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Our dedicated faculty is committed to the success of each of our students. Click on the categories on the right to read more about the path each of our teachers took before they became part of the Eastside family.

"Being at Eastside has taught me to never be afraid to ask questions or to have the confidence to step out of my comfort zone."

Students are untracked with the exception of native language designation and math, for which tracking is based on entering algebra preparation. Each required course is certified to fulfill one of the University of California's entrance requirements. Upon graduation, all Eastside students have at a minimum taken the necessary course work for admission to the University of California.

To view the full curriculum and read more about our college readiness and high school resource programs, click on the categories on the right.

In addition to the core curriculum, Eastside offers a variety of electives, as well as sports:

Computer Science
Choral Ensemble
Digital Illustration
Strength and Conditioning
Track and Field
Cross Country

College Readiness

We are grateful to the generous donors that support our College Readiness Program, including the Rotary Club of Menlo Park and the U.S. Bank Foundation.

Because nearly all of our students are first-generation college-bound, we have developed a three-year college readiness series to make the college admissions process less daunting and the transition to college smoother.

Sophomores take “Composition and Argumentation,” which focuses on the elements of the SAT that will be helpful for students in college and beyond, including vocabulary development, breaking down and analyzing complicated texts, writing exercises, and developing critical reading skills.

In “Writing for College,” juniors continue to work on vocabulary development and critical reading skills. Students also complete a self-assessment, analyzing their eligibility for various colleges, and determining what they need and want in a college. Students investigate individual colleges, and prepare for meetings with visiting college representatives.

“Senior College Prep” guides students through each step of the college application process. Assisted by our college guidance counselor, seniors compile the lists of colleges to which they will apply and write their personal statements. They prepare the common application and develop teacher recommendation packets. By the end of the first semester, students have completed their college applications. The second semester is devoted to the financial aid process and the transition to college; a transition to college unit, including a financial literacy program, helps prepare students for the realities of college life.

High School Resource Program

All Eastside students have dedicated themselves to completing Eastside’s rigorous requirements and then enrolling in college. Yet some students require extra support to improve their academic skills or develop study, learning, and test-taking strategies. Eastside’s Resource Program helps to bridge these gaps, mentoring each student with a highly personalized plan and offering small math and humanities resource classes for students who need extra support to be successful in their classes. In resource class, students gain confidence in their academic skills and address any learning disability or difficulties relating to second language acquisition. The resource teachers are committed to helping students master the skills required to succeed at Eastside. The program is structured to help students become increasingly independent as they approach their senior year in preparation for college.

Four Year Academic Plan

Algebra 1 or Advanced Algebra/Geometry or Algebra 2/Geometry
Geometry or Algebra 2 /Trig or Trig/Analytical Geometry Algebra 2/Trig or Intro to Analysis & Calculus or Math Analysis
Precalculus/Statistics or AP Calculus AB or AP Calculus BC
Conceptual Physics Chemistry Biology Advanced Biology or Advanced Chemistry or Advanced Physics
World History U.S. History AP Macroeconomics/ American Government Senior Research Institute
World Literature American Literature AP English Language and Composition English 1A & 1B (College Level)
Composition and Argumentation Writing for College Senior College Prep
Spanish 1 or Spanish for Native Speakers Spanish 2 or AP Spanish Language Spanish 3 or AP Spanish Literature Spanish 4
Electives Electives Electives Electives


Four Year Academic Plan

College Readiness

Resource Program