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from the principal


Dear Friends,


The kindness, respect and support we provide each other have been essential components of Eastside’s culture since our founding and continue to reflect the spirit of our community. This is evident on campus every day, as you can see in these “shout outs” written by our students about each other posted on our campus bulletin board:


“Sterling, I’ve noticed your hard work and would like to shout you out for making honor roll. Keep up the hard work. You got this, brother.”


“I admire Kayla’s big heart. She cares about people and would do anything to make them feel better. I also admire her ability to work on something until she gets it right or understand what she needs to do to get better at something. I believe that she should keep that up because all of that can help her be successful in life.”


“Martin, you are truly amazing and I loved how hard you pushed me to do well in biology. I’ve gotten nothing but positivity from you. You work beyond the minimum and you’re just great. Keep it up, bud.”


These notes illustrate why the future looks bright for all of us when all children are supported, respected and encouraged – why small words of kindness can add up to a positive world view.


I am grateful every day for the many people who have made our school possible: our students, who work hard to earn a place in college; their parents, who entrust us with the awesome responsibility of educating their children; our teachers, who provide support to our students as they grow into independent, college educated professionals; and our supporters, who also see in our students a hope that our community needs, and a voice that will continue to benefit our world.


Best wishes for a wonderful holiday season,

Chris Bischof



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